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Joomla Web Development

Joomla Website Development is constantly changing. With the ever-changing internet standards in regards to how to build a Joomla Website, having a Joomla Web Developer with years of experience is a must-have. One of the requirements of The Turn Group's Joomla Development Team is at least 2 hours a week studying internet trends, changing internet standards and up-and-coming technology changes. As an Award Winning and leading Joomla Web Development Company we pride ourselves on "being and staying" at the top of the web development industry. The Turn Group's goals have always been to bring the skills and expertise necessary to the marketplace in an informative way, resulting in growth of not only technology but of the consumer as well.

We do this by sculpting our talent in Joomla Web Development, e-commerce solutions, innovative technology and project management which provides the clients of The Turn Group with the tools necessary to bring their project from concept to reality in a process that guaranties success every time.


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Joomla Web Development | Joomla Website Development Company | Best Joomla Web Development Firm

Joomla Website Development

What is the meaning of Joomla Web Development at The Turn Group? Developing a Joomla Website is not only an art, but it is a science as well. When we develop a Joomla Website we are following a well charted and time-proven process of steps that lead to organic success. What we mean by that is in order for a Joomla Website to rank on the first page of Google, it has to be built in such a fashion that it is worthy of page 1 placement. The "general rule" is that in order for Joomla Websites to rank on page one, there are standards that must be met set forth not only by Google, but by the W3C as well. When ALL of the steps are followed to the letter, your chances of your website starting out on page 1, 2 and 3 of Google increase 90%. Only a true Joomla Web Developer knows each and every step it takes to produce a #1 page rankable Joomla Website. Any Joomla web site that produces organic hits/leads/conversions/sales while you sleep is a well built website. Building a website that is #1 page rankable within the search engines puts your Inbound Marketing Money that much further ahead.

Joomla Web Development Services

How do we build a Joomla Website?

Step one is your Joomla Web Development Requirements. We have to know what we are building. There are two ways for us to get these.

  1. You submit online or email us your full set of requirement documents and request an RFQ or RFP for bid on your project. Or...
  2. You purchase our Web Project Consulting Service so that we can help you produce those requirements for bidding. A lot of clients just do not know how to grow online, how to take the next steps and what that looks like. This is exactly what our consulting services are designed for. To help you know the "how and the why" to get to the next level.

Those Joomla Development requirements are going to include some of the following items:

  • Will we be developing a new custom website from scratch?
  • Will we be customizing a Joomla Template?
  • Is this a brand new website or a redesign of an existing one?
  • Will you be using existing content or providing fresh content?
  • Will the content need to be SEO optimized?
  • Have you purchased all of the extensions that will be used that make up the functionality?
  • How many pages will we be creating?
  • Do you have all of your main menus mapped out?
  • What are your goals for the new website?
  • Will we be updating color scheme for branding purposes?
  • Do you have any type of post-launch marketing plan?
  • And this list goes on and on...

Joomla Website Development Services

Our Joomla Web Development Services include a whole host of categories. Each category includes several steps that make up a Joomla Website. As we mentioned above, the first step is to gather all the requirements for your project, what functionality is going to be used and the purchasing of those extensions and plugins. Also, there will be some additional plugins that will need to be purchased solely based on if we are doing an SEO treatment on the website or not. That is discussed during the requirements stage of the process.

Joomla Look and Feel
The overall site will have a basic layout, logo, side menus, footers, headers etc. These foundational aspects of your Joomla Website pretty much remain the same no matter what page you are on.

  • Again, will we be designing from scratch or using a Joomla Template?
  • If designing from scratch do you have other website examples we can see?
  • If using a Joomla Template, we can make recommendations for the best framework to use.
  • Do you have a logo? Will you be using the same logo or does it need to be freshened up a bit?
  • Does your budget include a custom look and feel for all your main pages?
  • What color schemes will we be using?
  • What standard right side or left side modules (ie. logins, facebook like box, side menu etc) will be on most pages?
  • Will you be wanting a separate mobile website, mobile app or just a mobile responsive Joomla Website?

A Few Of Our Joomla Web Development Examples

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Joomla Page Content
Each page of your website will have its own specific requirements, layout, look and feel. During the Joomla Development Process, we help to determine what those pages are going to look like and what functionality will need to be on each page if required.

  • How many pages will we need to create for your new website?
  • Will we be using stock imagery or will you be providing that yourself?
  • Will we be designing the graphics for each of your pages if separate from stock photos?
  • Will we be designing the graphics for your open graph tags and google rich snippets?
  • Who will be creating the title and description tags for your open graph and google structured data?
  • Will you be using the same content from your existing website?
  • Will that content be modified by you or a content writer?
  • Will that content be SEO optimized?
  • Will you want your images SEO optimized?
  • Will you want your links SEO optimized?
  • Who will be doing your keyword research?
  • Are you producing at least 1000 words per page of content?
  • Will all content be static or will there be file downloads and or videos?
Joomla Web Development Company

Joomla Functionality
When developing Joomla Websites, if you are going to have anything more than just static pages, we will need to purchase and download the appropriate component/extension set to deliver the required functionality that will make up your Joomla Website as a whole. Here are a few questions asked during the discovery process of your Joomla Web Development.

  • What extensions will we be using?
  • Will you need any forms?
  • Do you need any membership, event or ecommerce functionality?
  • Will you be needing a credit card processor?
  • We would need to decide at what level your functionality will have to be designed for, configured for and setup. This may require more content editing as each piece of functionality has its own language file and email templates.
  • What onsite speed optimizer plugins will you want to use?
  • Will ALL content be public or will some need to be behind any logins with access levels?
  • What type of security do you need or PCI compliance?
  • Do you need a disaster recovery protocol?
  • Are their any code or applications, extensions or modules that will need to be custom developed for your Joomla Website?

Joomla Onsite Optimization
The Joomla website has been developed, the content uploaded (hopefully optimized already), the functionality has been installed and configured and we are now at the stage of the Joomla Website Development process were we need to look at total Joomla Website Optimization.

  • Do you need Joomla Web Hosting Services. We offer them.
  • If not, does your current server have gzip enabled?
  • Did the template you choose offer template cache and gzip?
  • Have you optimized all the images?
  • Have you optimized all the CSS and Java Scripts
  • Have you installed an SSL certificate?
  • Does your Code and CSS pass W3C validation?
  • Has your Code and CSS been optimized?
  • Has your System Cache and Gzip been turned on?

Finalization of the Joomla Development Process
What we have walked you thru here is just a small example of how we develop Joomla Websites. Trust me, there is much more entailed than what has been typed here. But hopefully you see that there is indeed a master-process to follow when developing any website that you want and need to produce a returned result. Our Joomla Web Development Services does just that and we would do the same for you.

Best Joomla Web Development Company

As an award winning Joomla Web Development Company, with hundreds of 5 star ratings, we create Joomla Websites that rival all competitors we develop against. Just ask our clients who have been with us for 20+ years. Just read all of the testimonials we have from real clients. What we are saying is that when you hire a Joomla Developer at The Turn Group, you hire a team of expert Joomla Developers with the sole task of producing for you a Joomla Website that exceeds ALL of your expectations. Our Joomla Web Development Services even rival our competition in our industry due to the level at which we work. Our commitment and dedication to our craft is as important to us as yours is to you.

Award Winning Joomla Web Development Company

Award Winning Joomla Web Development Company

If you are looking for a Joomla Web Development Company, Joomla Web Development Services or just want to hire a Joomla Developer that WILL produce for you a #1 page rankable website, give you a fast return-on-investment and will indeed produce for you a next generation website, then you have no other choice than to reach out and contact us. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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